The Company

O-ONE society located in the Yvelines, close to Paris, is a company above all animated by a passion for the automobile and its history.

The society specializes in:

  • The restoration and maintenance of historic vehicles

  • The maintenance and operation of race cars

  • The design and production of parts

  • The organization, management and monitoring of projects

  • We exercise the various trades required for above activities: Body, Mechanical engines and gearboxes, Composite materials (glass and carbon fiber, polyester, epoxy, contact and vacuum)

  • Castings and prototyping (silicone molds, laminated, machined)

  • Mechanical engineering (turning, milling traditional and digital)

  • Boiler and sheet metal (chassis, exhaust, steel, aluminum, TIG and MIG)

  • Leather upholstery and interior trim (seats, carpets, headliner, steering wheels, knobs, leather or fabric)

  • Focus chassis and engines, electronic engine management, development dynamometer.

  • Digital Design on CAD station

Our experience in these areas led us to create this company for you to enjoy.

Feel free to ask questions and give us your project. You will find each activity detailed in the activities page of the website.